Physically Delivered Products

Sr. No.TypeProductDescriptionDelivery MechanismDelivery
1 Commodity Gold DGCX launched the Middle East’s first exchange-traded, physically deliverable spot gold contract in December 2015. The contract provides new investment opportunities for retail traders while also introducing an array of hedging and investment benefits for gold market players. DMCC Tradeflow / Delivery Intention T+2
2 Commodity Silver The Silver futures contract was the second contract launched on the DGCX platform in March of 2006, second only to gold. DMCC Tradeflow / Delivery Intention T+2
3 Commodity Polypropylene One of the key objectives of the DGCX Plastics contract is to allow participants in the petrochemicals industry to discover prices which can be used as a reference for pricing physical transactions by way of a price convergence between the futures – and physical market. DMCC Tradeflow / Delivery Intention Notice+2
4 Currency FX DGCX provides local participants with futures contracts in the worlds six major currencies that are the Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), Canadian Dollar (CAD) and Australian Dollar (AUD) versus the USD which can all be delivered. Approved Clearing Banks T+2


Delivery Mechanisms

Tradeflow Products

Through a unique process of “Delivery Intention” marking in EOS Clear, a market participant can choose to have their trade physically settled. Once marked and matched in EOS Clear, all commodity deliveries are affected through the DMCC Tradeflow Platform.

DMCC Tradeflow is a dedicated online platform for registering possession and ownership of commodities stored in UAE-based storage facilities and forms the systemic function of the delivery mechanism. DMCC Tradeflow is committed to stimulating liquidity and providing the Islamic finance industry with the required legal and trade infrastructure, commodity supply and transparency that supports Dubai’s positioning as the global centre for the Islamic Economy.

Established in 2004 as a warehouse receipt system, DMCC Tradeflow has evolved to regulating and documenting commodity trading operations in the UAE, as part of the Dubai Government.

Members intending to enter into physical deliveries for Commodity products are required to get Tradeflow membership through DMCC Tradeflow team. For further information on how to obtain Tradeflow membership, please contact DCCC Clearing and Settlement team at                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 Approved Clearing Banks

All open positions held in the deliverable FX products on expiry, will have to be physically settled through their respective currency accounts held in the  DCCC approved Clearing Banks. Members who intend to opt for physical delivery of FX products, must ensure that they have an active settlement account in the respective deliverable currency with any of DCCC’s Approved Clearing Banks.

For further information on how to open a Non-USD denominated settlement account, please contact the DCCC Clearing and Settlement team at